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Mindfulness and the Art of reconnecting with your Inner Vision based on Neuroscience

  • Cocoon Space 2 Boulevard Saint-Denis Paris, Île-de-France, 75010 France (map)
Cocoon Space

Cocoon Space


10am-10:15: Welcome, coffee, tea and pastries

10:15-11:45 Intro to brain-based coaching. individual & team exercises concerning values/purpose. 

11:45-12:00  Wrap up

Workshop includes: 

  • 2h group session
  • free Blisshood tote-bag plus,
  • an opportunity to schedule a free 30 minute individual coaching session with Antonella.

About Antonella Mediati

Antonella Mediati

Antonella Mediati

Antonella Mediati is a Life/ Executive Coach, trained with the latest discoveries of Neuroscience, who is passionate to help people professional and personally find awareness, purpose, and unlock their true potential. Reinforced by her neuroscience-based coaching training, she truly believes that meaningful and lasting change can be achieved by awareness of habits, creation of new ones, and consciously “rewiring” the brain so that our actions marry our intentions.

 Through her previous experiences with Amazon, Microsoft, and cutting-edge startups as well as critical steps in her personal life, Antonella knows that a balanced life--combining professional success, family, and meaningful dreams--can be reached through mindfulness and sometimes a little guidance along the way.

In Antonella’s words  “My goal is to help you define actions that will enable you to help find (rediscover) your purpose and create the life that you dream of!  We all have times where we  we may feel a bit "stuck" (it is totally human!) is this critical time that you can either stay complacent or chose to dare and explore more within.  Should you choose to 'dare" , I will provide a structured process that will facilitate your insight and improved thinking.  All the answers are within you, but I will accompany you 100% along the way and help you realize your insights".

Antonella offers a wide range of programs and services - from Individual Coaching, Corporate coaching, to seminars/workshops.  She is based in Paris with a global coaching practice. To learn more, you may contact Antonella at