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Antacara in the City: CULTIVATING MYSELF


Where are we going?

So here are your choices: Go to lunch. Go shopping.Go to a spa. Go to drinks with the girls.

Pleasurable all of them, but fleeting in their impact. Or join us on this day-long Antacara Paris expedition - out of your familiar arrondissement and into exploring the natural beauty of Paris.

(Oliver Sacks has written about the healing power of nature, which will provide the backdrop for this day long expedition). Let’s just say our destination has its own special Parisian spin, which will guide us to switch on our senses and explore the theme of cultivation: how we cultivate an “Explorers Mindset” in order to stimulate your own growth and that of your family.

Let’s give you a flavour for the day:

We’ll meet at 10:00 am at a beautiful brasserie in the 16th for coffee and connection. We’ll brief you on the agenda, but don’t worry, your biggest task is simply to be present to yourself, your environment and your fellow Explorers.

For this one day, you don’t have to organize a thing!

Then we’ll venture to Antacara’s chosen magical destination, where you can expect a sprinkling of joy and awe and some exercises (not the physical variety) to spark your reflection on how to stay present to life’s beauty, whilst continuing to stretch and challenge yourself in the midst of the Mommy routine.

After a pack-it-yourself (we know you can pack lunches!) picnic lunch we’ll continue working through our Explorer’s Mindset to assist you to embed discovery and growth in your day-to-day.

Imagine equal parts conversation, introspection and exploration- and much laughter along the way. Antacara’s all about joyous learning - not because it feels good, but because it yields the best


We’ll wrap with a drink and finish by 5:00. You’ll head home wondering why you ever thought a manicure or a new T-shirt could feed your soul.

What can I really expect?

Fun! Freedom! Coffee and cocktails!

And oh yes...a deeper connection with yourself and other like-minded Mamas.

More specifically, you’ll walk away with:

  • Practices to nurture self awareness

  • Guidance on developing an Explorer’s Mindset

  • Your vital creative abilities switched on

  • Your human and parenting possibilities reawakened

  • A cohort of fabulous women who can be your tribe moving forward

What’s included?

The cost of this Antacara expedition is 475 Euro,

Which is more than lunch, but less than a therapist! (And oh you get some dedicated me-time too as part of our package!)

That price includes:

Full day leadership and facilitation from globally recognized Guides

One hour follow up coaching session (Antacara’s version of therapy!) to identify insights and practices to stimulate your growth moving forward

Explorer Materials

Coffee and a cocktail (of your choice!)

Your Guides

Jillian Reilly – An American in South Africa and founder of ANTACARA (which means “frontier” in Sanskrit), a personal development journey towards your life’s frontiers. A facilitator, writer and consultant, Jillian has worked on global social development for over 25 years. She’s now committed to helping people get“unstuck” in order to realize their full potential.

Anne Ditmeyer – An American by birth, French by hard work. Paris dweller for 10 years. Anne is creative coach and consultant by way of UX, graphic design, and global communication. She also goes by @pretavoyager online (translation: ready to travel).

Antacara in the City: Cultivating your Self
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