At Blisshood, our mission is to build a community of expat mothers and children who have the space to express their authenticity, creativity, and growth through shared activities and personalized development.

We are a community that values diversity and respect for our own well-being and those of fellow mothers and families.

In approaching our mission, we focus on four key pillars: support, connection, inspiration, and empowerment. We invite you to join us as we expand
this mission and assist you in discovering your own meaning of bliss. 



To Support

Blisshood accompanies moms during their transition to life in France and from one stage of motherhood to another.


To Connect

Blisshood organizes social events with other moms, workshops for kids and moms (ateliers), group visits and much more.


To Inspire

Blisshood has created a blog to share all the best places and events for you and your kids to inspire you to lead a more blissful life


To Empower

Blisshood organizes masterclasses and one-on-one meetings with experts from different professional fields to help you learn new skills, shift your paradigms and be an agent of change in your family, at work, and in your community.